Tekno RC EB410 1/10th 4WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Tekno RC EB410 1/10th 4WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit

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When designing the Tekno EB410 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy, we were entering an even more competitive market. Consequently, our task of creating a new 1/10th 4WD buggy was going to be that much more intense. Our first CAD files for the EB410 date back to August of 2012, before the original EB48 was released. Five years and about two dozen iterations later, we are finally ready to begin talking about specific features of the buggy.

No, the EB410 is not a ‘copy’ of an existing buggy. But we didn’t make it different just for the sake of being ‘different’ either. The decisions made during the design process were carefully considered and thoroughly tested during an extensive prototype phase. Any design aspects that were unsatisfactory during testing were redesigned and retested until we were completely satisfied. The process was quite time-consuming and almost no expense was spared to see our complete vision come to life.

We know this is our most anticipated vehicle to date, which is why we have taken the time to do our homework. We have to release a kit that will truly live up to the Tekno RC reputation for performance, durability, and innovation.

EB410 Key Features:
  • Three High Volume Fluid Filled Adjustable Differentials
  • Ideal Weight Distribution for Modern High Traction Surfaces
  • Industry-First 4WD Offroad Reverse Bellcrank Steering System
  • 7075 CNC Machined and Lightened Hard Anodized 3mm Chassis
  • 7075 CNC Machined Adjustable Hinge Pin Brace System
  • 7075 CNC Machined 2-piece Motor Mount System
  • 7075 Tapered Lightweight Center Driveshafts
  • Heavy Duty 6mm Stub Axles
  • Captured CVA Front and Rear Driveshafts
  • 13mm Hard Anodized Threaded Shock Bodies
  • 3.5mm Shock Shafts with X-Ring Cartridge
  • Locking Spring Perch Design
  • Downstop Screws for Easy Droop Adjustment
  • Quick Access Differentials
  • Maintenance Friendly Layout
  • Next generation purpose built 1/10th scale 4×4 buggy.
  • Innovative weight forward layout.
  • 3mm CNC 7075 aluminum hard anodized lightened chassis.
  • Low COG; Electronics and components sunken into chassis.
  • Integrated battery wire guides.
  • Ample room for the most popular electronics.
  • Popular shorty pack configuration. Better balanced and lighter weight
  • Easy access battery for quick removal and replacement.
  • Adjustable chassis brace system for fine tuning rear flex.
Differentials and Drivetrain
  • Easy access differentials.
  • Three oversized fluid-filled adjustable lightweight diffs.
  • Lightened outdrives and diff couplers used throughout.
  • Tapered aluminum center driveshafts.
  • Angled rear gearbox with large bearings.
  • Straight center driveline for maximum efficiency and minimal wear.
  • High strength metal ring, pinion, and internal diff gears.
  • CVA drive shafts with bearing captured pins.
  • Oversized 6mm stub axles with custom serrated and lightened wheel nuts.
  • Smooth 13mm big bore shocks.
  • Industry-leading COG with compact tower and shock design.
  • Super durable 10mm front and 8mm rear composite shock towers.
  • Flat/flat piston design and configuration (Front – 2 x 1.7 mm + 4 x 0.8 mm, Rear – 2 x 1.8 mm + 4 x 0.8 mm).
  • Fully adjustable long travel suspension geometry maximizes stability and traction while providing superior cornering and on-power steering.
  • Strong 3.5mm polished steel shock shafts.
  • CNC threaded shock bodies and adjustment nuts.
  • Composite emulsion shock caps.
  • Clamping spring perches.
  • CNC delrin internal guide design for true and consistent shaft action.
  • Double X-Ring o-rings to provide smooth and consistent damping.
  • Optional springs and sway bars are available.
Suspension and Steering
  • First in class compact reverse bellcrank design producing consistent steering response.
  • Bearing supported bellcrank and ackermann plate.
  • Adjustable Ackermann and bump-steer (bump in, zero bump, bump out).
  • Adjustable steering stops for precise steering travel settings.
  • Adjustable front arm sweep and angle to make the car more stable (swept forward), or aggressive (swept back).
  • Captured outer front and rear hinge pins.
  • Front gullwing arms lowering COG.
  • Adjustable CNC 7075 hinge pin braces.
  • Long rear sway bar for improved consistency.
  • 3mm inner and outer hinge pins, polished for smooth action.
  • Composite hubs with adjustable camber link position.
  • Custom locking kingpin screws.
Motor Mount
  • 2-piece CNC aluminum motor mount with precision dual clamping gear mesh adjustment.
  • Split center diff mount for easy maintenance.
  • Lightweight direct-to-diff mount design.
  • Uses standard 48 pitch pinion gears.
  • Includes integrated fan mount.
Other Features
  • High downforce wing with hole guides included.
  • Easily adjust anti-squat, rear toe, front arm angle, front arm sweep, roll center, toe, camber, wheelbase, Ackermann, bump steer, suspension geometry out of the box.
  • Full set of option parts available.
  • Extremely easy to work on with minimal screw count.
  • All metric hex hardware.
  • Length: 393mm (without wing) up to 424mm (with wing)
  • Wheelbase: 283-294mm
  • Width: 246-250*mm (*optional hubs required)
  • Weight: 1630 (or less) to 1780g depending upon equipment used
  • Diff Ratio: F/R – 16/40t, Center – 81t
  • Battery tray dimensions: 96x47x26mm
  • Kit/RTR: Kit
Needed to Complete
  • 2/3 channel radio/transmitter
  • 1/10 scale ESC and motor system
  • High torque steering servo (at least 200oz/in)
  • 48 pitch 17 to 34 tooth pinion
  • 2s shorty LiPo battery (at least 4000mAh)
  • 1/10th scale 4wd buggy tires, wheels & CA glue
  • Paint for body

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