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Gas Powered RC Car Engines

Many RC racing enthusiasts prefer RC car engines to electronic power – and while LA Parts House does offer the widest selection of RC batteries and electric RC motors, we haven’t forgotten about our Nitro-loving friends. If you’re looking to dominate the track with your gas powered RC car, you’ve come to the right place – LA Parts House has got you covered with the latest, greatest RC gas motors.

LA Parts House offers several options for RC gas engines – featuring powerful pull-start engines from Team Associated, award-winning engines from Team Losi, and more: giving you options with a variety of prices and power levels. We’ve also got everything you need to complete your gas powered RC engine installation – fuel lines, filters, shim kits and gaskets, and much more!

No matter what you order, your order ships free over $50 and ships same-day if placed before 2 p.m. PST. Browse our gas powered RC car engines and accessories below, and get everything you need to get your motor running and dominate the competition on the track.

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LOSA99166 Exhaust Spring Tool LOSA99166 Losi Exhaust Spring Tool

Our Price: $17.99
Out of Stock
LOSR2815 Nitrotec R21 Rear Ball Bearing LOSR2815 Losi Nitrotec R21 Rear Ball Bearing

Our Price: $52.99
Special: $9.95
In Stock
ASC28007 Head Button 121VR ASC28007 Head Button: 121VR

Was $29.95
Closeout $7.95
In Stock
LOSR2813 Nitrotech R21 Backplate LOSR2813 Losi Nitrotech R21 Backplate

Our Price: $31.99
Special: $5.95
In Stock
ASC28012 Ball Bearing Rear 121VR ASC28012 Ball Bearing, Rear: 121VR

Was $41.99
Closeout $5.95
In Stock
LOSR2818 Nitrotec R21 Head Gasket Copper .10mm 5 LOSR2818 Losi Nitrotec R21 Head Gasket, Copper .10mm (5)

Our Price: $10.99
Special: $4.99
In Stock
LOSR2317 Combustion Chamber 350 LOSR2317 Losi Combustion Chamber: 350

Our Price: $8.95
Special: $4.95
In Stock
LOSB5009 Fuel Filter Heat Resistant 2 LOSB5009 Losi Fuel Filter, Heat Resistant (2)

Our Price: $5.95
Special: $3.99
In Stock
LOSR2828 Nitrotec R21 Head Screw Set R21 LOSR2828 Losi Nitrotec R21 Head Screw Set: R21

Our Price: $5.99
Special: $2.95
In Stock
ASC28014 Screw Set 121 ASC28014 Screw Set: 121

Was $4.97
Closeout $2.95
In Stock
ASC28009 Head Shim Set 121VR ASC28009 Head Shim Set: 121VR

Was $4.14
Closeout $1.95
In Stock
ASC29008 Wrist Pin Assembly RTR AE15 ASC29008 Wrist Pin Assembly: RTR AE15

Was $1.66
Closeout $1.00
In Stock