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LOSB0827 MRX-R14 ESC/RX (3-Wire Servo): Mini-DT

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LOSB0827 MRX-R14 ESC/RX (3-Wire Servo): Mini-DT


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Losi MRX-R14 ESC/RX (3-Wire Servo): Mini-DT

The Mini-Desert Truck utilizes industry standard 3-wire electronics for easy setup and compatibility or customizing. The installed electronics are also compatible with a variety of batteries, including 6-cell mini packs and 2-cell LiPos.

This model may only be powered by the stock 6-cell 7.2-volt NiMH battery pack that fits Losi Mini-T or a 2-cell 7.4-volt LiPo battery pack that fits Losi Mini-T . The use of higher voltage battery packs will cause ESC damage and void any warranty. To use brushless or 3-cell LiPo batteries you must change the electronics. Consult yourlocal hobby dealer or check www.losi.com.

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