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PRM149000 (CLEAR) DNA 3.0 Clear Body, 200mm

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PRM149000 (CLEAR) DNA 3.0 Clear Body, 200mm

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The 190mm PROTOform DNA sedan bodies have proven to be so successful in the past year that many requests have been received that asked us to produce a 200mm version as well. Well, it’s here! In spite of numerous modifications to optimize this body for the rigors of nitro-sedan racing, the signature DNA style remains. From its bold front splitter to its large real wing there’s no doubt that this is a serious racing body design. Made to fit all 200mm nitro-sedan chassis, this body and its add-on wing fits within all the ROAR and IFMAR rules requirements.

It comes with protective film, wing mounting hardware, decals and window masks. The DNA³ is formed in genuine Lexan to provide durability for this ultra-fast racing class. The high downforce performance characteristics of this race body will surely have nitro-sedan enthusiasts as well as serious racers excited about giving the DNA³ a serious test. It might just be the new “king of the hill” body style for that class.

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